Military Skirt

military style skirt, simple outfit, pencil skirt outfit, H&M pencil skirt

This H&M skirt is one of the oldest pieces in my closet, and I don’t plan on retiring it anytime soon. I bought it right after graduating high school to wear to a summer internship. I didn’t have much office wear at the time and was just started to build a professional wardrobe.

schutz studded heels, military pencil skirt, military detail skirt

Military detailing never seems to go out of style, so this skirt has given me years of use. In the summer I pair it with a striped tee and sandals, but I’ve been playing around with different ways to wear it for fall. A simple long sleeve black tee and my favorite pair of studded heels is a look I’m loving right now with this skirt.

h&m military skirt, military style skirt, simple pencil skirt outfit, skirt with military details

Shirt: J.Crew, Skirt: H&M (old), Shoes: Schutz (old)

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  1. Lovely outfit!
    Maybe we can follow each other?

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