Simple and Classy Mini Skirts

I’m actually horrified by the new side-butt trend. When wearing a dress or skirt, I firmly believe your derrière should be completely covered at all times. There are better ways to show off your legs and look classy doing it. Cue the mini skirt.

classy skirts, simple skirts, mini skirts for work, classic mini skirtIf you are like me, and also like to keep your bottom covered, a classic mini skirt is your best option. I love my anchor print skirt and I recently bought this colorful striped J.Crew mini. The simplicity of a solid mini skirt lends itself to countless outfit options.

I’m lucky in that I can get away with wearing one to work, but I keep myself covered on top with a long sleeve button up or blouse. A slouchy tee or chambray shirt works for the weekend. Just please stay away from anything with sheer side panels. Sorry Gwyneth.

1. Forever 21 2. Miu Miu 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs 4. ASOS 5. Wilfred at Aritzia 6. J.Crew Factory 7. 3.1 Phillip Lim

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One Response to Simple and Classy Mini Skirts

  1. Lovely skirts. I have found that mini skirts can be totally classy if paired with the right blouse, like the long-sleeved and loose blouses you have featured here. And I agree with your view on that trend – no class.

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