Hey Chambray!

classic chambray shirt, chambray shirts, button up chambray shirt, j. crew chambray shirtA classic chambray shirt is a summer wardrobe staple.  Like straight leg jeans and classic black pumps, it’s timeless and perfect for making a simple statement.

Isn’t chambray the same thing as denim? Not quite. Both fabrics are made of cotton, but chambray is more lightweight, making it perfect for summer. The linen-like cloth gets the name chambray because it originated in Cambrai, France.

I’ve worn my J. Crew chambray shirt so many times that the buttons are starting to get loose. It might be time to add another two or three to my closet.

button up chambray shirt, summer chambray shirt, what is chambray, difference between denim and chambray

1. Anthropologie 2. Forever 21 3. J. Crew 4. Joe’s 5. J. Crew 6. Gap 7. Madewell

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