Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013: Oscar is That You?

oscar de la renta fall 2013 reviewI never thought this day would come, but its finally happened. An Oscar de la Renta collection I didn’t like.

Oscar’s collections are always glamorous, ladylike and chic. Prime examples being the ballerina-inspired Fall ’12 collection and and the pastel colored creations at Spring ’13.

It was not just the clothes that were glamorous, but the models themselves oozed sophistication. With their hair swept up in buns, glittering brooches and dangling earrings, they looked like princesses straight out of a fairytale. The riskiest thing you could find was a streak of neon hair peeking out from their up-dos.

oscar de la renta collectionsTo be honest, when I saw the first fall 2013 look come down the runway I was a little appalled. The greasy hair, Taylor Momsen-esque eye makeup, unfitted garments and weird hats? Was this Galliano’s doing? (According to Fashionista.com it was).

The more I thought about it, I could see negatives and positives. I don’t think designers should be discouraged from trying new things, but this collection just wasn’t Oscar to me. Yes, it was nice of him to take Galliano in and immerse him back into the fashion industry, but when it takes away from his vision that’s taking it a step too far.

I applaud Oscar for trying something new and obviously if anyone can make grunge look good Oscar can. I just prefer my cupcake Oscar gowns with a bun on top.

Photos: style.com

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One Response to Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013: Oscar is That You?

  1. Great colour though and I quite like the draping and gathering.

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