Snow Shovels, So Hot Right Now

snow landscape, winter landscape

If you are in the Chicago area right now, the snow shovel is the must-have accessory. This explains my lack of outfit posts recently. The only clothing that lends itself to blizzard conditions is a knee-length parka.

knee length winter coatmonogram rain boots, monogram wellies

I like to pair my shovel with waterproof boots. I think the monogram is a nice touch. If I get buried in a snow bank at least whoever finds me will know who I am.

black lab playing in the snowblack lab in the snow

A Labrador Retriever who loves snow more than life itself is also a good choice. He will keep you company as you shovel, and may even attempt to attack and bite the shovel.

Thank goodness I’m heading to Arizona this weekend for a wedding. Talk about perfect timing.

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