Your Online Guide to Fashion Week

guide to fashion week, new york fashion week, follow fashion week online, fashion week 2013, fashion week fall 2013I’m no big-name blogger, editor or model, so I will be enjoying the chaos of fashion week from in front of my computer screen. With shows happening all day, every day for a week straight it can be so hard to keep on top of everything. To make sure I don’t miss a single look I rely on these sites and apps. is my go-to for photos, detailed close up shots and beauty looks from every show. I also have the iPhone app. Everything is perfectly organized, making it simple to find the exact collection or look you want. You’ll also find Tommy Ton’s street style photos here which are the best in the biz.

Now Fashion has a live photo stream for most of the shows so it is the first place, besides Twitter, you can see photos of a collection. It’s not as well organized as, but I only use it when I want photos of a show as it’s happening.

Pinterest is where I share my favorite looks. I create a board for each season so I have them all in one place. Follow your favorite designers on Pinterest to get a behind-the-scenes look at their collections. For example, Oscar de la Renta live-pins their runway shows.

Elle and Refinery 29 both have guides on who to follow on Twitter and Instagram during fashion week. I follow editors, blogs, magazines, bloggers, beauty brands, makeup artists, designers, PR people, etc.

And don’t forget Vine, which is taking its first stab at fashion week this season. This app has been quick to catch on in the fashion community. If you don’t know what Vine is, I wrote about how to use it here.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one place to catch each and every live stream. Designers may live stream their shows from their websites or the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website.  YouTube’s Live From the Runway will not be live streaming shows during NFYW this season, but said they will be back in September. Check before the show to find out where you can watch it online.

If you’ve watched a runway show you know there are photographers everywhere. Check out their websites too! My personal favorite is Jamie Beck. Her fashion photography is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen.

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