Zip It

gap pants, gap red pants, gap skinny pants, zipper pocket pants

I mentioned in a previous post that I dig colored pants. I already have a pair of red pants, but red pants with zippers are totally different (right?)

Zippers on my pants and black ankle boots is about as edgy as it gets for me. I tried to avoid looking like a groupie by adding a simple striped sweater. And a ballet bun never hurts.

gap pants, skinny pants, red skinny pants, zipper pocket pants

red gap pants coach booties

Pants: Gap, Sweater: J. Crew (similar), Boots: Coach (on sale!)

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5 Responses to Zip It

  1. Jamie says:

    Really cute! I love those pants 🙂


  2. Gabrielle says:

    Literally want to run to Gap RIGHT NOW to get those pants. I don’t have any red, but you’ve convinced me that it’s necessary. just Love love love all of this. The black boots pick up on the black zipper, and the bun IS the perfect way to style the ensemble.

    Pants with these tilted zippers have morphed into my latest “must have”, because I feel like they make any outfit fashion-forward.
    You are absolutely stunningly pretty, too.

    That’s unfair.


  3. shirarosen88 says:

    Just discovered your blog on socialbliss and your style is fabulous! xoxo

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