Are You on Vine?

new video app vine, how to use vine, what is vineOver the weekend my Instagram feed became clogged with people posting photos of their Vine profiles. Then on Twitter, everyone was talking about this new app called Vine.

Vine is free to download in the App Store and it’s just like Instagram, but with video. How it works is you create a six second, looping video by touching your finger to your screen. You can create one shot, or hold a remove your finger multiple times to create almost a flip book like effect.

You can then upload the videos and share them on Twitter and Instagram. It also saves a copy to the camera roll on your iPhone. I’m eager to see how Vine is going to be used during fashion week. As if editors weren’t already busy enough posting photos to Instagram and Twitter, now they have to take video too!

vine app, how to use vine app, what is vine appVine captures sound, so you will be able to get a feel for the atmosphere of the show and hear the crowd and the music. One thing I love is to see how a garment moves on the runway and video obviously captures that better than any photo can.

Everyone in the fashion industry seems to be on it already-OscarPRGirl, Lucky Magazine, Michael Kors and Gap, to name a few. If you haven’t downloaded yet you’re not far behind. It just launched this past Thursday.

Have you downloaded Vine yet? How do you plan on using it?

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