This is What Happens When Jimmy Choos are 70% Off…

jimmy choo private patent pumps, jimmy choo sandals, jimmy choo nude heelsI first spotted these shoes in 2010 as a part of the first Choo 24:7 collection. Choo 24:7 is a collection of Jimmy Choo’s best-selling styles; classic platforms, pointy-toe pumps and round-toe pumps in basic colors like red, black and nude, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Unlike most college kids, I didn’t dream of getting a new car, a job, or a world where $1 drinks existed at every bar. I dreamed of these Jimmy Choo pumps.

Fast forward two years. The date is December 24 and I somehow end up on the Net-a-Porter site, which was having a HUGE sale. Heading right to the shoe section I spotted them. The shoes that have danced in my dreams like sugar plums, for 70% off. If that wasn’t a sign from God that I needed to buy them I don’t know what is.

Immediately my heart rate rose and I couldn’t find my wallet fast enough. I was plagued by fear that if I didn’t purchase them fast enough, they would end up in the closet of some undeserving owner. My pulse didn’t slow until a confirmation email appeared in my inbox.

What’s the lesson in all of this? Patience my friends. And when Jimmy Choo is 70% off, you buy it.

jimmy choo nude pumps, jimmy choo sandals, jimmy choo on sale

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4 Responses to This is What Happens When Jimmy Choos are 70% Off…

  1. Oh my god, those are AMAZING! I can’t stop staring at them. They’re perfect!!

  2. So you’re the one who snagged the last sale item on net-a-porter! Haha jk! These are amazing. I wish I had seen this earlier! 70% for amazing jimmy choo nude heels? Dying over here! Can’t wait to see how u pair them (obviously with everything and maybe nothing!)


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