My Favorite Chicago Blogs

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I’ve been a serious blog reader* for years before I finally started A Simple Statement this past October. I used to think that if you are a talented writer and love fashion, New York is where you need to be. These blogs have taught me otherwise. There are some amazing bloggers in the Windy City and I am constantly impressed and inspired by their work. I bet some of these blogs will become your new favorites.

A Drink With Chicago: In-depth interviews with local celebs, athletes and business people over cocktails. Fashion folks like Corri McFadden, Christian Siriano and Scott Schuman have been featured.
Corals and Cognacs: I love Hallie’s fun style and photography. Her photos often include her working it in a fierce pair of shoes of the sidewalks of Chicago.
Lux and Concord: In their own words, “an inside look at local fashion, food, nightlife & the people that make it happen.” Bloggers Kaitlin Madden and Merisa Cano write about fashion, events, nightlife and restaurants in Chicago and Boston.
Chi City Fashion: If you love Prabal, Proenza and neon, you will love Jena’s style. My taste is far simpler, but I love the unexpected and eye-catching outfits she puts together.
The CHICago Life: Amelia Eaton and Samantha Voss started The CHICago Life Blog in their first year of law school. On it they share their fabulous sense of style, recipes, interviews, DIYs and more.
Style on the Line: Recently I’ve been loving Sierra’s outfit posts and she’s a Cubs fan, so that makes her cool in my book.
Miss Renaissance: Eva is a Chicago-based photographer and pastry chef, so you’re always going to find amazing photography and recipes on her blog. She’s also a pro at nail polish pairings.
See Jane: She has the CUTEST bulldogs! And I’m a fan of her professional, put-together looks that always surprise me with a pop of color like a bright yellow scarf or red coat.
Refinery 29 Chicago:ย My go-to site for up-to-date news on anything happening in Chicago like restaurant and boutique openings and fun things to do around town.

*Serious blog reader (noun): Someone, a.k.a. me, who spends at least two hours a day reading blogs.

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6 Responses to My Favorite Chicago Blogs

  1. I’m really flattered that you included me, Allison! Thanks so much. ๐Ÿ™‚ These are some of my favorites, too, and it’s been fun to watch YOU grow A Simple Statement over the past few months! xo

  2. Thank you so much for including us in this great group! x

  3. elsie says:

    this is a great list! I’m always in the hunt for awesome Chicago blogs-and there’s quite a few I hadn’t heard of. Thanks for putting it together!

  4. Elsie says:

    This is a great list! I’m always in the hunt for awesome Chicago blogs-and there’s quite a few here I hadn’t heard of. Thanks for putting it together!

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