Simple Sandals for Spring

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As is with fashion I’m dressing for the current season, but planning my wardrobe a season ahead. As soon as spring clothes start to hit shelves, I’m on high alert hoping to snatch up my favorite pieces before someone else does. I missed out on an amazing pair of J. Crew snakeskin heels this season and I’ve been a little bitter ever since.

The prize to be won this season? Those nude and silver Rebecca Minkoff wedges. If I can score a few of the others pairs that will just be icing on the cake.

One trend I’m seeing everywhere for spring is ankle straps. I guess designers have no shame because rip-offs of those popular Zara sandals from last year are popping up left and right. The only difference is they look like they took a spin in a Crayola factory. You can get yourself a pair for less than 25 bucks at Forever 21.

Neon is also here to stay. As you can see, the nude + neon combo is by far the color combo of choice. When it comes to neon I say less is more so I recommended sandals like these by K. Jacques with just a hint of electric yellow.

1. Nine West 2. Rebecca Minkoff 3. K. Jacques 4. Loeffler Randall 5. Diane von Furstenberg 6. ASOS 7. Sergio Rossi 8. Dolce Vita 9. Bottega Veneta 10. Forever 21 11. Rebecca Minkoff

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