How to Never Pay Full Price for Clothes

outlet stores, how to shop outlet stores, how to shop sales, how to save money shopping, never pay full price for clothesProbably the dumbest shopping mistake you can make is paying full price for clothes. I NEVER pay full price for anything 99% of the time. I’ve gotten very good at this over the years (maybe a future business idea?) and thank goodness because lord knows I don’t have a big clothing budget fresh out of college. posted an article yesterday where Mickey Drexler commented on the importance of outlet stores and that luxury brands shouldn’t be treating their outlet stores as a “dirty little secret,” and should “start admitting that outlet sales are important.”

This goes for shoppers too. Go to outlet stores! Sure, some of the stuff IS crap, but if you go often you’re bound to find some amazing deals on pieces you really love. For example, J. Crew’s Toothpick jeans are my favorite, but why would I pay full price when I can get the same pair at the outlet store?

If I do see something I absolute can’t live without and it’s not on sale I have a couple strategies:

  • Wait it out. This is so painful sometimes, but if you wait long enough it will go on sale.
  • When it does go on sale, wait some more. J. Crew has “take 25% off your purchase sales” every once in a blue moon. And then right after that sale ends it’s “take 30% off your purchase. Wait for the second sale!
  • Gap and Banana Republic do this too. They always have deals online where you can take 20% off your purchase, but I always wait for the 30% off deal.
  • I also use the website Hukkster, which sends you an email when an item you want goes on sale.
  • If an item I want is full price, I can usually find it cheaper or on sale at Amazon and get free shipping.
  • Sign up for store’s emails, you can get exclusive sale offers. I signed up for Coach emails and get 25% off coupons every once in a while.
  • Consider getting a store credit card if you shop somewhere a ton. J. Crew sends reward cards (which are just like gift cards) to their credit card holders. I recently used a $100 reward card on a pair of jeans and only paid $33.

Now that I’ve revealed my secrets, I’d love to know how you save money shopping! Leave a comment and tell me how you save money on clothes.

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