Coveteur + OscarPRGirl= My Head’s Exploding

oscar pr girl, oscar pr girl closet, the coveteurDo you want to know what’s in the closets of Bryan Boy, Anna Dello Russo, Brad Goreski, and more of the fashion industry’s biggest names? Duhh, so you read The Coveteur.

I first became hooked when the site launched and was obsessed with flipping through the photos of the fashion industry’s greatest closets. I’m particularly excited about an upcoming Coveteur on the one and only Erika Bearman a.k.a. OscarPRGirl.

Bearman is the head of communications at Oscar de la Renta and has amassed a HUGE following on social media. After Oscar, she really is the face of the brand. She’s glamorous, smart and social media savvy, making her one of my favorite people to follow.

The Coveteur has been instagraming and tweeting behind the scenes photos today and I can’t wait to feast my eyes on the final product. I’m sure it will be an Oscar overload-in the best way possible.

Photos: The Coveteur

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