Tuxedo Jeans

hudson jeans, hudson tuxedo jeans, white tuxedo jeans, white jeans with black stripe, tuxedo jeans and blazerThe blazer and jeans combo is a classic look that is always a good standby. To make things more interesting, I paired my black blazer and booties with these Hudson tuxedo jeans. It just goes to show how you can always put a fresh spin on wardrobe staples.

These jeans are on sale now at Amazon, which is where I got mine. They are also available at a handful of other stores (see below).

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Jeans: Hudson (also here, here, and here), Blazer: Tinley Road, Booties: Coach (last seen here)

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3 Responses to Tuxedo Jeans

  1. Anneka says:

    What a great look – smart and cool at the same time… I would be so worried about the white jeans getting stained though! Found you through IFB, and really enjoying your posts… you have a new follower 🙂 x

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