Winter Wardrobe Essentials

winter wardrobe essentials, winter clothing, winter fashion, fashionable winter clothes, winter fashion tipsHello December,

I strongly dislike you, except for the whole Christmas thing. Your arctic weather is the cause for salt on my new boots, my resembling a snowman by wearing 10 layers of clothes and my wedges having to go into hibernation. The only way I survive is with the help of these essentials.

1. Plaid Scarf: If winter had an official print, it would be plaid. I like mine in seasonal colors like green and red, but I won’t say no to Burberry check either.
2. A Freaking Warm Coat: This is especially a must for me since I live in the Midwest. My J. Crew puffer coat has kept me warm on even the chilliest winter days.
3. Ankle Boots: There are so many styles to choose from, but I wouldn’t go crazy. A classic leather pair and a suede pair in brown or black that you can wear with everything will get you through the winter.
4. Colorful Corduroys: I’ve never seen so many colorful and printed corduroys to choose from before this season. I love how designers have taken these once old lady pants and made them cool again.
5. Wool Socks: Again, maybe this is just a Midwest thing, but I wear these under all of my riding boots. And even to bed!
6. Cashmere Sweaters: Cashmere is worth every penny if you ask me. It’s like a little slice of heaven on earth, and it gets softer the more you wear it!
7. Black Tights: Wear them under dresses and skirts (duh). No need to spend a lot of money here, $8 ones from Target will do the trick.
8. A Festive Party Frock: Tis the season to dress to the nines! Holiday parties are the one occasion where I find it acceptable to wear a sequin dress.

What are your winter fashion essentials?

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