Bag Crush: The Coach Legacy Collection

celebrities carrying coach bags, coach purses, coach, coach legacy collectionIt’s not often that we normal folks can afford the “it” handbags carried by celebrities (sadly, no Celine bags for me.)  But with the Coach Legacy collection, you actually can.

Not only do I love the Coach Legacy bags because of their simplicity and versatility, but I spotted the same bag I have on Gwyneth Paltrow. GWENYTH PALTROW PEOPLE. When can I ever say that Gwyneth Paltrow and I own the same thing? Probably never.

I opted for the Penny shoulder bag in brown (seen here) because I can literally wear it with anything and the strap can be removed to turn it into a clutch. It holds just the essentials (a wallet and cell phone) and I like that Coach stayed true to their classic design from the 1970s. I’m hoping Santa might drop a few more in my stocking this Christmas…

coach penny bag, brown coach purse, coach legacy collection

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2 Responses to Bag Crush: The Coach Legacy Collection

  1. Love these! Such a classic feel with the primary colors, simple stitching and hardware, and smooth finish! I have a vintage red one a but bigger than that and it has the same design still!!!

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