Buffalo Check

j. crew, j. crew plaid, palid shirt, buffalo check shirt, nude wedges, pencil skirtIn case you’re wondering what the heck “Buffalo Check” is. I’m referring to the plaid pattern of my shirt. Woolrich started creating buffalo check shirts in 1850 and the story goes that the inventor of the print owned a herd of buffalo, hence the name buffalo check. Must have been an interesting guy if his passions were buffalo and fashion, but whatever floats your boat.

I decided to pair J. Crew’s take on this plaid with a few other classics. A basic black pencil skirt and nude wedges. The shirt cost a Benjamin, but it’s the softest plaid shirt I’ve ever come across (that justifies it right?) and I’ve already worn it a dozen times since I bought it.

Shirt:  J. Crew, Skirt: H&M, Wedges: J. Crew

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